Amazon Indians

“COCAR” is the feather decoration that the Indians from the Amazonas wear on their heads during the celebration of their rituals.
The Amazonian tribes and their 100 % organic philosophy
We do not have places where we can go to study, but we know how to care about the jungle, nature and our families.
When our children are hungry or become ill, we just have to get into the jungle to find food and remedies that nature gives us.
We, the ingenious people treat plants in a same way as they provide to us.
As well as in the jungle you hear sounds, noise, singing, etc… all day and night long – many of them are communications – we want to communicate to the rest of the world – through the COCAR juice - that we are confident in what we do and especially we want to demonstrate what we offer.

the weeping fruit
bio açai superfruit

After studying and analysing the other existing juices we compared them with the needs of the consumers. We realized that they use less products with sugar, but the demand increases for juices with high quality characteristics: ORGANIC JUICES without preservatives nor colorants, but with functional effects that contribute something special to your family.
About 90% of the remedies for nearly all existing afflictions and deficiencies of the human being, are obtained from the nature. In this concept ORGANIC COCAR intends with its different types of juices to provide and cover a part of our daily needs in an ORGANIC way without preservatives nor colorants.
We want our juices to be a constant part of the weekly diet for all these people looking for a digestive ORGANIC supply of vitamins, energy and wellness.

açai fruit
açai juice
health benefits of açai berry

The ACAI (Euterpe oleracea) is a fruit similar to the Blueberry, it is small and purple. Its origin is Brazil from the area of Pará. It is a fruit growing on tall and slim palms that the children use to practice climbing.
It is one of the fruits most ANTIOXIDANT qualities that exists, counting nearly 33 times more than the black grape. Its high content helps to rejuvenate and fight free radicals.
It´s ENERGETIC quality, provides a lot of vitality and endurance, which is why it is very popular with athletes.
It is CLEANSING and STRENGTHENS the defences, helping with its many different polyphenol acids against bacterias. Very efficient for combating and preventing cardiovascular diseases.
The supply of fiber, the antioxidant effect and its high content of oleic acid stimulate absorption of fat, preventing it from becoming oxidized and converted into cholesterol. They help to strengthen and maintain fin the nervous system. Highly recommended to persons with nervous conditions.
The most outstanding components of ACAI: Contains: 16 amino acids, minerals as Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron and above all has high content of potassium (930mg for each 100Gr.). It is also rich in vitamins E (45mg /100Gr), vitamin C (20mg)y vitamins of group B. As well it has Polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 , 6 and 9.

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amazon spirit açai superjuice
organic antioxidant
antioxidant source
cocar amazon spirit superjuice antioxidant
natural & BIO ingredients
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organic energy
energy supply
cocar amazon spirit superjuice energy
natural & BIO ingredients
Yerba mate
Passion fruit
Green tea
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organic stimulant
every day is good
cocar amazon spirit superjuice stimulant
natural & BIO ingredients
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From organic farming 100%, Cocar is a product with the guarantee of quality...
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